sobota, 17 maja 2014

Submission of papers

The languages of the Journal is from 2019 ONLY English.

Those wishing to publish an paper in the Scientific Journal Series Silesian University of Technology Organization and Management should perform the following steps:

1. Sending of the paper.

This can be done in electronic format.
Please send your article to:

When writing the paper, please keep the following rules in accordance with the form.

The form of paper

The article should refer to the scientific discussion in our journal. You can use the electronic versions of articles posted on the site  (see a previous number of the journal).

2. Editor-in-chief after a preliminary review article by the Editors Board send the paper to two reviewers.

3 After receiving the review authors receive them in electronic form.

4 Journal has two blinds review procedure.
In case of two positive reviews, authors should improve the article according to the reviewer, and then fill in the forms sending by Editor-in-chief.
- Author's attitude to the opinion of the reviewer (form must be completed separately for each of the reviewers.
- The consent of the author on the publication of a (printing should be signed by all authors )Both forms must be submitted in paper form together with the amended Article in electronic form.

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